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4 (FOUR) Ryan Health Care Lies

Brian Beutler published a really nice breakdown of 4 lies told by Paul Ryan (and So Sad), and insufficiently challenged in the media, about his American Health Care Act–or “Alternative Health Care Act.” Here are some highlights:

  1. They claim that the AHCA will lower premiums. Brian points out:

    What Trumpcare does is increase premiums for elderly people so much that many of them will not buy plans at all, lowering the average price of policies purchased on the market. … This is an extremely cynical and dishonest way of bragging about subjecting millions of seniors to the risks of going uninsured, and Ryan does it constantly.

  2. They claim that Obamacare is in a death spiral:
    [T]he CBO also says that, under current law, “subsidies to purchase coverage combined with the penalties paid by uninsured people stemming from the individual mandate are anticipated to cause sufficient demand for insurance by people with low health care expenditures for the market to be stable.”

  3. They claim that the ACHA is advancing in regular legislative order:

    “Regular order” doesn’t normally entail holding zero educational hearings, drafting legislation in secret, unveiling it to widespread criticism from industry and consumer stakeholders, then advancing it through committees, and the entire House of Representatives, before CBO has issued updated analysis. It especially doesn’t entail perpetrating a rush job like this for legislation that will have such far-reaching impact.

  4. They claim the ACHA will restore “patient-centered care”
    [T]he AHCA … does basically nothing to change the regulatory foundation of the U.S. health insurance system. To the extent that the AHCA alters the doctor-patient relationship at all, it is by making it harder for women to obtain abortions. So, the opposite of what Ryan claims. … By and large, these are just nice-sounding words Ryan is tossing around to make a plan that will be a catastrophe for the poor and old and sick sound nice.

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