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So Sad has recently admitted that health law overhaul is “unbelievably complex.” This was connected to another Sad whopper: “Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated.” Nobody buy you and your friends on Fox News… idiot/liar.

Now, he’s dipping his little toes into budgeting, and spending for the military in particular. He’s describing a “public safety and national security” budget that will send a “message to the world in these dangerous times of American strength, security and resolve.”

Q: how long before he discovers that budgeting–providing for the military, the STATE DEPARTMENT, the domestic programs he has promised to protect (Social Security and Medicare), a big new (ineffective) wall, more border patrol agents [and on the economic stupidity of these last two, see this], and actually keeping the roads and bridges in repair, not to mention doing what ever it takes to deal with unforeseen problems–is “unbelievably complex.” And guess what: everybody buy him (and maybe his friends on Fox News) already knows.

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