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Where are we? People of faith, people of reason, just people. Once upon a time, I was a Christian. I thought that I should care for others.

There was an idea once upon a time about jihad. Not al-harb which is war, but struggle. Bringing Allah’s word and light to the world.

There was tikkun. Fixing, rectifying and healing. That G*d’s people would bring wholeness and health and support to this world.  A chance to build bridges.

There was an idea of Christ. Dying upon a cross to heal a broken world.

And most potent of all, a Bodhisattva ideal of being with all things at all times regardless.

This country is seriously fucked. We think kicking the poor and brown people to the curb is cool. We no longer think that Christ’s admonitions hold for those of us in need. Tikkun means healing for people who believe as we do, not for the Samaritan. Jihad has become a code for for hate. A Bodhisattva vow is something for comfortable white folk at home who can afford a weekend meditation session.

So, if the bad people pour in, those browns, those anti-Christians, those non-believers where is compassion, Tikkun, jihad, bodhisattva vow? It’s clear that most of us are half in, half out. We like white folk who aren’t quite so poor they need our help. We like the browns if they’re not too brown or poor. We like the folk that come to our retreats and wear the right PJs.

The world is hard, frightening, threatening, painful. time for people of “faith” to grow a pair.



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