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Ignorance or Aspiration?

As most everyone who follows the affairs of “President” So Sad knows, last weekend So Sad was interviewed by Bill O’Reilly, who asked So Sad why he respected “a killer” like Mr. Putin. So Sad’s reply: “What, you think our country’s so innocent?”


When discussed by the NY Times editorial board, this sort of statement was framed as a matter of puzzling obsequiousness to Putin, and false moral equivalence.

But maybe it’s just another example of So Sad’s terrible tells (as in a tell in poker: a way he gives away the secret of his hand). It has long seemed to me that just about every peculiar thing he says can be understood in terms of projection. This is clearly true in the name calling department. He calls others liars because he is a liar, he calls them corrupt because he is corrupt, he calls them disgusting because he is disgusting. This fits his basic narcissism.

Perhaps it works the other way as well. When he defends a killer as not so bad, he’s flagging that he aspires to be just like that. In other words: don’t think he’s saying “Oh, we’ve done things just as bad.” That would fit his trash talking of every proceeding administration. But here’s another read: “Oh, just you wait, we’ll do things just as bad.”

Am I cherry picking evidence for my dark theory? Yup. I don’t think this proves anything. I’m just collecting pieces that fit a picture, and we’ll see how the picture fills in. Maybe it’s just puzzle pieces that seem to go together, and don’t. Or maybe they do…

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