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“President” Trump’s latest bald faced lies

According to the NY Times: “Mr. Trump defended the process that yielded the executive order, saying he had initially wanted to wait a week or even a month before issuing the travel ban. But the president said he was told by law enforcement officials that doing so would prompt a flood of people, including some with ‘very evil intentions,’ to rush into the United States before the restrictions took effect. ‘I suggested a month, then I said, “Well, what about a week?” They said no, you can’t do that because then people are going to pour in before the toughness goes on.’”

This was a ban on travel from countries from which NO ONE HAD EVER COME TO THE U.S. AND COMMITTED A TERRORIST ATTACK. If he were slightly serious about security, he would have put a ban on travel from Saudi Arabia. But more to the point: leading experts seem to agree that this travel ban makes the security situation worse. So this is just LYING and Fear Mongering. No surprise, but chalk one more up on his wall of shame.

Moreover, who the hell says: “before the toughness goes on”?

One more note: credit to S.Ct. nominee Gorsuch for calling “Mr. Trump’s attacks on the independent judiciary ‘demoralizing’ and ‘disheartening.'”

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