Big Ideas

Number 9

I am outraged by:
1. The incompetently executed, callous and bigoted ban against immigrants
2. The firing of acting Attorney General Sally Yates for declaring that the ban was not legal
3. The failure to respect the use of the dissent channel by State Department employees
4. The elevation of Steve Bannon, who compares himself to Darth Vader and is gleeful about embracing the “dark side” to the National Security Council, while the people who should be there by law, like the Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, are getting moved to a secondary role
5. Spicer’s statement that people in government who don’t agree should “get with the program or get out”
6. The number of unqualified, ideologically motivated cabinet appointees we have seen
7. The callous response of this administration to the plight of refugees and the policy of discrimination against Muslims
8. I almost don’t have the outrage left for the defunding of Planned Parenthood, gag orders to keep physicians from using the word “abortion” in federally funded relief agencies, not to mention the silencing of dissent in other federal departments, such as the National Parks Service
9. And, of course, there’s still “alternative facts.”

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